International school certificate

The international school certificate of British standard is an important document confirming the successful completion of an educational programme in an international school.

This certificate is recognized in many countries and allows students to apply for English-language bachelor’s programmes at universities and colleges worldwide.

To obtain the international school certificate, students must successfully complete the subjects included in the curriculum and pass the corresponding exams — GCSE or A-level.

At VIS, we offer the opportunity to take A-level and GCSE exams, which are internationally recognized qualification tests.

The British school certificate is issued not by the school itself, but by its accrediting examination board. This is why international schools do not need to be located directly in the UK.

A graduate of an international online school receives the same school certificate as UK students do and is equally competitive when applying to any international university.
At VIS, we take pride in offering students the opportunity to obtain an international school certificate, which opens up broad prospects in the field of education and career. We strive to provide students with the best preparation and support in achieving their goals and ambitions.