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International educators for international students

Ekaterina Erokhina
Managing partner of the Virtual International School.
Co-founder of several leading international schools.
Expert consultant
Admission to the world’s leading universities like Oxford can be compared to climbing Everest or winning the Olympics: as in the sport of records or anything that an average person cannot accomplish, the right strategy and a reliable mentor are extremely important.
At the Virtual International School, we not only ensure solid academic foundation but also support our students in every step of their way and supervise their process of admission to international universities. We control this process in the smallest details because the future of our children depends on how we work today.
School is the most important stage in our lives, and we would like our leavers to be proud of the fact that they passed it with us, and their parents not to regret their decision.

We want to make international school education accessible to as many children as possible. Today, in order to get an international certificate, it is not necessary to visit a traditional school, leave your country or pay a significant amount of money without guaranteed results.

In order to teach in accordance with the British programme, any international school in the UK or outside it must have an appropriate accreditation. In order to obtain this accreditation, the school has to undergo quality control inspection and get their approval.
In order to take the final exams at the end of our school, there is no need to look for an examination centre yourself: we will find the nearest one in the student’s location and register them for a session.
Choosing an international education at the Virtual International School, not limiting your child to offline school walls, you make his or her future opportunities limitless